Design & Implementation of Accounting System

Financial outcomes are ultimately used to gauge a business's progress.

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Accounting is nothing more than the intelligible presentation of business transactions on a record of those transactions. Accounting for business transactions aids in determining the costs associated with company processes, the financial situation as of a specific date, and projections of future essential and optional business spending.

Furthermore, it is a legal necessity to keep a specified set of accounts in accordance with the norms and guidelines established by legislation and regulatory agencies.

For instance, the Companies Act of 2013 requires the maintaining of books of accounts and periodic audits of such books. There are also accounting rules in existence for accounting-related difficulties. Similar to this, the Income Tax Act of 1961 stipulates that certain criteria and accounting principles must be followed for calculating total taxable income.
As a result, compliance with these laws and regulations is not only necessary but also a statutory duty. In addition, it is always necessary from the standpoint of company performance.

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