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“In the long run, people judge a company by its name”

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Each business unit has its own distinct identity, which, when acknowledged by the industry, transforms into a legitimate trade name. The identification a firm is given through its trademark, logo, or design.

  • Due to the fact that the business unit created the trademark, ownership must be assigned. Additionally, the right to use may be transferred after ownership has been assigned. Additionally, by doing this, you can avoid the inappropriate or unauthorised use of your trademark.
    The following categories are added to the classification of trademarks:
  • Text Mark: just the business name

Logo or pattern: a visual representation that is used as a logo and may or may not include the brand name.

However, in order for a trademark to be registered, it must be distinct from other registered trademarks. Additionally, it shouldn’t be done in a way that causes uncertainty in the public’s thinking. Additionally, if a proposed trademark is similar to an existing, well-known brand that is not registered but is not identical to it, the registration application may be rejected.

Therefore, when creating a trade mark and registering it, extreme vigilance is needed.

  • Registration of Trademarks
  • Public Trademark Search
  • Design of a trademark or logo
  • Answer to Notices

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