Every operator of a food business must have a licence or registration.

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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a national organisation in charge of policing how food is produced, distributed, and consumed in India.

As a result, depending on their category and expected turnover threshold, all food business operators, including traders, manufacturers, restaurant owners, and other business units engaged in the sale of products related to food articles, are required to obtain either an FSSAI registration or licence.

The permit is a type 02 licence. Either a central licence or a state licence. Business units that generate more revenue than the allowed amount or operate in more than one state must receive a central licence; otherwise, they must obtain a state licence.

Both the licence and the registration are good for a set amount of time before needing to be renewed. Additionally, the Food Business Units must submit a periodic compliance report to the FSSAI authorities as well as follow a number of required compliance procedures. Additionally, units may be inspected by FSSAI officials at any time while they hold a licence or registration.

The services are ;

  • FSSAI Registration

  • FSSAI License

  • FSSAI Periodic Return

  • Advisory for FSSAI Regulation and Nutrition, Hygiene

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